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*WM Studios’ Phoenix location is no longer accepting new clients. To learn or inquire about recording at the new Las Vegas studios, please CLICK HERE.

WM Studios is home to one of the most powerful Pro Tools rig in the world along with a HUGE selection of the most sought after plugins and hardware. Million dollar components seldom seen in studios anymore like SSL 9000J, Neve, Chandler and so on. Mogami quad cabling throughout, in addition to Neutrick connections at all panels terminated by the best in the business.

Touch screens in all rooms to allow artists to interface with Pro Tools or their lyrics directly without the need of an engineer or assistant. We have our own super clean power grid so even if the lights go out in the city you can keep working. The control room has been not only acoustically designed by Wade Martin from the ground and up, but tuned to perfection also. Which means, you will hear everything in amazing detail from tracking, mixing, to then mastering. No wasted time chasing your tail with your engineer trying to get things sounding right outside of the studio. In addition, WM studios has one of the largest sample libraries in the country, almost every sound imaginable. You want it, we got it!

If you’re out of state we can accommodate you by providing accommodation at a local resort included within your studio time. Even if you don’t want to leave home no problem, we have the ability of moving large files electronically so your files can be in our studio ready for mixing within a hour of calling us! Saving best for last, Wade Martin has built and designed the worlds FIRST ever complete touch screen console that has been called by many in the industry as “nothing short of genius”. For your comfort there are always snacks, beverages and TV on hand in the pirvate lobby so you may be comfortable and disconnect when in-between sessions.