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Las Vegas Studio

WM Studios Las Vegas houses one of the most powerful Pro Tools rigs (HD6) in the world, along with an extensive collection of the most sought-after Plugins and hardware. The elite recording studio boasts rarely seen million-dollar components such as SSL, Neve and Chandler, gold cabling throughout, and Neutrick connections at all panels.

Worried about the weather in Vegas? Step into the studio, and dial in your desired temperature and humidity level. Exclusive to the WM Studios is the only full-color, multi-touch thermostat of its kind with multi-function controls that set variable temperatures and humidity levels in each room of the studio. For example, if the singer in the vocal booth would like the temperature to be held at exactly 78 degrees with a humidity level of 33 percent, while the drummer in the live room prefers 65 degrees with the humidity set at 24 percent, their climate requests can be accommodated in seconds. A higher humidity level for the vocal booth ensures the perfect environment to yield the absolute best performance, and avoids drying out vocal chords.

Artists with allergy issues need only request “air purification” and, within five minutes, new allergy-free, clean air is introduced.

WM Studios is the only recording studio in the world that features touch screens in all rooms, allowing artists to interface directly with Pro Tools or their lyrics without needing an engineer or assistant. With a total of six flat screens throughout, anything you view on the main frame can be sent to any monitor in the studio with the flick of a finger.

The boutique studio runs on its own super clean power grid, so even if the lights go out in the city, artists can continue working.

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